Course Overview:

Oracle Primavera’s P6 V19.12 Professional Project Management addresses the challenges faced in working with large scale, highly sophisticated and multifaceted projects. This application can be used to organize projects with up to 100,000 activities. It lays out guidelines on how to make informed decisions regarding portfolio management, evaluate the risks and potential returns and analyze and determine optimal resource allocation and scheduling to complete the project successfully and within all constraints.

25 hours of comprehensive training teaches end-users how to manage a project from conception to completion using P6, Oracle Primavera’s latest web-based Project Management application. Learn to efficiently create, schedule, track and monitor project performance and execution. Candidates will also learn to conduct what-if and analyze alternative project plans

Primavera P6 Training Agenda

DAY – 1(9.00AM to 5.00PM)

Note: All are requested to download the Primavera software in the laptop before the session starts.

Lesson 1

  • Class Introduction
  • Primavera P6 installation (Latest version 19.12)

Lesson 2

  • Administrative Preferences and Categories
  • Setting User Preferences
  • Navigation, Gantt Chart and Layouts

Lesson 3

  • Enterprise Project Structure
  • Breakdown Structure
  • Mapping EPS &OBS

Lesson 4

  • Project definition
  • Creating a Project (Copy an existing project)
  • Set as default project
  • Open more project at a same time
  • Adding Project Details

Lesson 5

Creating WBS & Assigning Responsible Manager

Lesson 6

  • Adding Activities
  • Adding Activity Details
  • Constraints
  • Activity Steps
  • Activity Types

Lesson 7

  • Global change

Day 2

Lesson 8

  • Activity duration
  • PERT
  • Calendar
  • Creating Relationships
  • Scheduling (Forward and backward path)
  • Lead & Lag
  • FF, TF

Lesson 9

  • Activity Codes
  • Constraints
  • Perform Scheduling F9
  • Critical Activity
  • Critical Path method, CPM
  • Schedule Settings

Lesson 10

  • Group & Sort (Project/ Activity Level)
  • Edit Columns
  • User defined filed
  • Filter
  • Fill down
  • Customizing the Bar Chart
  • Layout
  • Print setup (Header footer etc.)

Day 3

Lesson 11

  • Defining Resources
  • Man-hours, Standard Man-hours
  • Set Primary Resource
  • Assigning Resources
  • Resource Loading curves (Bell type, front loaded, back loaded, linear etc.)

Lesson 12

  • Data Import and Export
  • Work Products and Documents

Lesson 13

  • Resource usage Analysis
  • Budgeted Cost & Expenses

Lesson 14

  • Activity duration Types
  • Percent Complete Type
  • Earned Value Analysis

Lesson 15

  • Optimizing Project Plan (Schedule & Resource)
  • Compression of schedule
  • Resource leveling
  • Material Histograms
  • Cash flow
  • Project Progress S-Curves

Lesson 16

  • Assign Baseline
  • Maintain Baselines

Lesson 17

  • Project Execution & Control (Spotlight Feature)

Lesson 18

  • Update the Scheduling
  • Data Date
  • Required layout to show the project status

Lesson 19

  • Reports
  • Best Industry practices to monitor/ track the project progress


  • Clarifying Doubt’s

Each Participants has to submit their own project related to his industry/ field

Note: Your kind corporation and effort is required to complete the course successfully.

Note: Your kind corporation and effort is required to complete the course successfully.

From the workshop:
  • 25 hours of interactive, classroom-based training program
  • Hands-on sessions conducted by highly experienced and skilled trainers
  • Easy-to-understand training program
  • Dedicated post-training support and assistance
  • 25 PMI PDUs
  • Course completion certificate

Course Registration

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