The International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) is an international standards organization for the construction industry. Founded in 1913, FIDIC is charged with promoting and implementing the consulting engineering industry’s strategic goals on behalf of its Member Associations and to disseminate information and resources of interest to its members. Today, FIDIC membership covers 97 countries of the world.

This training is highly recommended for all levels of Engineers, Managers and other Construction professionals who would like to understand the Construction and Contract laws.

Objective of the Training:

By the end of the course, the trainees should;

– have a solid understanding of types of FIDIC Contracts

– know contents of a Works Contract

– know where to find what

– be able to identify the external expertise they need

– be able to draft an «Appendix to Tender»

– be able to identify/prepare the important clauses of an PC

Agenda – 1
Day # 1
– Introduction
– Objective of the Training & Expectations of the participants
– FIDIC (What and Why?)
– FIDIC Publications
– FIDIC Conditions of Contracts for Works Contracts – Brief
– FIDIC Contracts Comparison matrix
– FIDIC use in Gulf
– exercises
– FIDIC- Redbook

Agenda – 2
Day # 2
– FIDIC – Redbook (Ctd..)
– Preparation of Tender documents
– Contents of a Works Tender Dossier
– Introduction to Particular Conditions
– Appendix to Tender
– Before Contract Signature
– Before the Commencement of Works
– First 28 days
– exercises

Agenda – 3
Day # 3
– FIDIC- Yellow Book
– Comparison of FIDIC Red book and Yellow book
– FIDIC 2017 developments
– Exercises

Therefore the training will cover
• FIDIC’s structure
• FIDIC contract types and major differences
• Identification of the most appropriate contract type
• Issues/clauses which need special attention during
• Preparation of tender documents.
• will be interactive; please be participative
• will use exercises
• will involve team work

Course Registration

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